Tranciberica Classics 059

30 octubre, 2017 0 Por Oscar Guez
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Aqui teneis el show 059 de Tranciberica Classics. En esta edicion el dj que se pone tras los platos es el pucelano Dj Jess.

Este es el tracklist:

Parte 1

1.- M.U.S.E. & DJ San – Dendera (Original Mix) [Rewind Records]
2.- Striking Man – My House (It’s Not Even Music) (Trance Mix) [Boy Records]
3.- Steve Morley – Reincarnations (Mystic Groove Extended Mix) [Relative Records]

Parte 2

4.- –Disco Oculto– UpServer – Talk To Me (DJ Lee Remix) [Spotsound Records]
5.- Raplace – Dreamflight (Mescalino vs. Pers Remix) [Sunshine Records]
6.- –Disco Remezclado– Robert Miles & Maria Nayler – One and One (Protoculture Remix) [-]
7.- Positron – Pathfinder (Original Mix) [Phobos Recordings]

Parte 3 By Dj Jess

8.- HH – ICE 794 (Thanks To Berlin Dub Mix) [Planetary Consciousness]
9.- Agnelli & Nelson ‎– Everyday (Original Mix) [Xtravaganza Recordings]
10.- Airscape – L’Esperanza («Svenson Goes To The Loveparade» Mix) [Cyber Music]
11.- Vincent De Moor Presents Emerald ‎– Fly Away (Original 12″ Instrumental) [Combined Forces]
12.- Y.O.M.C. ‎– Great Feelings (Feel Great Mix) [ZYX Music]
13.- Sequential One ‎– Imagination (Inspiration Mix) [Max Music]
14.- B.B.E ‎– Seven Days And One Week [Insolent Tracks]
15.- Scott Mac Presents De-Progression & AJ Gibson ‎– Twilight (De Progression Original Mix) [ATCR]
16.- Transa ‎– Enervate [Hook Recordings]
17.- Doug Laurent ‎– I’m Rushin’ (Extended Mix) [Suck Me Plasma]
18.- Kai Tracid ‎– Your Own Reality (Energy Mix) [CNR Music]
19.- Mario Lopez vs. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. ‎– Into My Brain (Marc Van Linden Club Mix) [Insolent Tracks]

Parte 4 By Dj Jess

20.- Blank & Jones ‎– The Nightfly (Original Mix) [Vale Music]
21.- Svenson & Gielen ‎– The Beauty Of Silence (Original Extended) [ID&T]
22.- Natural Born Grooves ‎– Groovebird [Vendetta Records]
23.- Yellow – On Track (Doug Laurent’s First Journey) [Mercury]
24.- Peran Van Dijk ‎– Good Time (Original Mix) [ADN Progressive Records]
25.- Dominators ‎– Dream Your Dream (Extended Mix) [Bit Progressive Music]
26.- Kai Tracid ‎– Dance For Eternity (Club Mix) [Suck Me Plasma]
27.- Delicious Delight ‎– Forever Mine (X-tended) [Maad Records]
28.- Rank 1 ‎– The Citrus Juicer [Free For All]
29.- Penetrator ‎– Love Entry (Penetration Mix) [Cyber Music]
30.- The Generator – Where Are You Now? (Moonman Remix) [Temprogressive]

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