Ale Rise en Tranciberica Classics

8 de marzo de 2017 0 Por Oscar Guez

Esta semana cumplimos 50 programas en antena. Para esta edición tan especial hemos contando con un set Progressive-Trance a cargo del Italiano Ale Rise. Mezclas sutiles y con encanto es lo que este espera de este gran dj. Por eso no os perdáis esta cita de Tranciberica Classics.

Biografia por el momento en Ingles.

Ale Rise aka Alessio Parise, born as Trance DJ in the mid ’90s. It produces with Manuel Es «Like A Firefly» in the label Anthem in 2003.
In 2007, again with Manuel es produces «Brightness» and «Dark Clouds» and then «I Would Look Good On You» in the label D.S.L. In 2013 «Turbulence» in the Das Musik label.

In the years ahead with the birth of a new project, a duo with his friend «Teo» named REINWEISS. In 2010 they come out with their first album «Slave To The Rave», an electronic music together, techno and experimental. From that moment on, they continue to work and to produce new singles, which also results in a featuring with Activator in «Rombee / Kakee» on Subground Records.
«Riot» is played premiered at Tomorrowland 2013 by ACTI, with great success.

The single is then included in the compilation of the Q-BASE 2013, where Reinweiss are called to perform. Will be released later on Subground Records, their new home.

The Trance style represents for me my true passion for music and my musical reference.

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