Jonny Zeslawski & Gabriel Egö en Tranciberica Classics

23 de febrero de 2017 0 Por Oscar Guez

Esta semana tenemos a dos grandes djs. En nuestra cabina desde EE.UU Jonny Zeslawski & Gabriel Egö. Toques elegancia y buena selección de es lo que podréis oír en este set. Por eso no os perdáis esta cita de Tranciberica Classics.

Biografia por el momento en Ingles.

Jonny is a British-born, NYC-based DJ whose early musical influences were from from his Dad playing the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Music became a huge part of his life and after the Dance Mania craze of ’95 in the UK, he was hooked! As Trance became huge towards the start of ’99. Jonny is heavily influenced by the likes of Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk and Armin van Burren.

Gabriel Egö is a New York City based Underground Dance Music DJ. His sound is a fusion of new and old school underground club music, ranging from subtle melodic sounds to the more up-tempo and energetic bass driven beats, building and blending music from all genres whilst taking you on a dance floor journey. He likes to say that each journey is determined by the time slot and the mood he is looking to create for either an opening, extended or closing set.

Jonny moved to New York in 2015 and his musical style has developed further based on the thriving music scene in Brooklyn and Manhattan. He’d likely describe his style as «anything melodic, with cool beats, driving basslines and awesome riffs that makes people smile and move! I’d say I’m into everything covering Techy-Deep-Progressive-Melodic-Trance, but I’ll always tend towards 138!»

Jonny and Gabriel met at party in Brooklyn and recognized they both had similar tastes in music and started hanging out, playing progressive, trance & classics together, with both DJs being booked to play Dreamstate NY individually, the same weekend as their infamous b2b classics set.

They played their 2 hour b2b Trance Classics set at the Gallery at LPR in NYC for the Akashic Rift event in August 2016! What a great party and lineup to be a part of, with Tom Rogers, The Professor (Bo Pericic of Filo and Peri) and Tim Cliento. Shout out to MC MastaChief Voyce for bringing his energy on the mic. It was so much fun. The room, energy and vibe were perfect. It is truly going to go down as one of the biggest highlights of the summer in NYC!

Para más info: Jonny Zeslawski: Facebook y Soundcloud, Gabriel Egö. Facebook y Soundcloud