Nemico Dj en Tranciberica Original

27 de julio de 2017 0 Por Oscar Guez

Este mes en la cabina de Tranciberica Original Nemico Dj desde Roma (Italia). Cerrando la temporada 2016-2017 este fantástico dj con el que podrás disfrutar del trance más actual y una técnica muy refinada. Por eso no os perdáis esta utima cita con el sonido Trance actual.

Biografia en Ingles (Por ahora):

Nemico DJ developed his passion for music as a young child. He received a portable record player as a gift from his parents at age 5. From that moment, young Nemico DJ continuously listened to all genres of music with his family.

As the years passed, he became fascinated with the electronic music styles of such creative artists as Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, and Kraftwerks. Starting in 1991, Nemico DJ started to listen to Italo Dance. With his own «Technics 1200» he shared his love of the electronic music scene and dance music with his friends.

Over the last several years, Nemico DJ has successfully shared his trance music mixes with an ever-growing base of fans from small private parties to popular dance clubs in Thailand. Sharing his passion for music, Nemico DJ plays TRANCE and only TRANCE. Thanks to his popular internet podcast, «Living In Trance»

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